About ... Things

Hmmm. About. That is a small word that can mean lots of things. About us? Or about the product? Or about the future? Let's delve into these questions ...

About Us

You, dear reader, are obviously intelligent. It has been our experience that the truly thick among us aren't into quizzes, so the mere fact you have got this far and are reading this suggests you are one of the brighter ones. So you may understand us when we quote...

As Zaphod Beeblebrox said, "We're just some guys, you know?" (*)

We are, in fact, just some guys (meant in a non-gender specific way). However, we happen to have two intense passions: we have massive experience of developing IT solutions and we love quizzes. So it was only natural that we would end up writing Quiz Machine.

That's it really. Well, that's all we're willing to disclose for the moment.

(*) Ok, he didn't say that. "Vell, Zaphod’s just zis guy, you know" was said of him. But close enough - and well done if you spotted that.

About The Product

Quiz Machine came about one evening in a restaurant when one of our number (cryptic, eh? See "About Us") was playing "ask me a question" with their family. They played that game a lot - each asking the next on the circuit a question, with three strikes and you're out as the basic rule. This member - let's call them Zaphod - suddenly had an idea: wouldn't it be great if the questions could be automated!

Well, Zaphod, being an IT type of person, looked and looked and looked for such an app - there had to be one, right? But there wasn't. Plenty of quiz apps but not a single one that allowed you to play a realtime quiz with your friends (or in this case family) over the internet. Zaphod chatted with Ford and so was Quiz Machine born.

Many apps provide annoying adverts to help provide the developers with an income. We personally don't like that approach: you're hardly likely to appreciate an advert during a game (does anyone ever click on the things anyway?) and we just find them annoying. So - **no adverts**. We do, however, need to eat, and you can't imagine how much effort has gone into developing the concept, the application and almost 35,000 (and growing) questions, not to mention hosting the thing. We are currently looking at how to get this to pay for itself. Currently ... no idea.

With a Quiz Machine contributor account you could, for example, set up an *easy* general knowledge quiz with your friends - or a *normal* history quiz? Or how about a *hard* literature quiz? Contact us to get a contributor account.

About The Future

We have loads of great ideas for the future that we are currently developing. But, well, we're not prepared to say what they are ... yet.